Our DIY Kit for do-it-yourselfers

For those with sewing experience or who know someone who can make the covers for you. This is also a test for us and we'll see how it's received. Generally, it would be enough if you just buy the fabric and sewing thread. The accessories can be ordered optionally. Personally, we usually make all custom made with 4 loops of webbing in the corners. Here we make fastening straps from webbing and buckles, which can then be made for the purpose of fastening, for example, around the table legs. A drawstring in the hem is also mandatory. This requires the cord tape and a cord stopper.

We offer our DIY Kit only for our RipStop fabric, because our "standard fabric" can only be welded. The Ripstop fabric is three-layered and consists of a polyester RipStop surface, a breathable membrane in the middle and a soft polyester underside. The surface is waterproof and breathable. The seams are, depending on the processing, splash-proof.