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Colors garden furniture cover protective cover custom madeGarden furniture cover from wettertuete!

Garden furniture covers from Wettertuete: We produce high quality, waterproof, breathable, winterproof garden furniture covers, covers without PVC for your table, beach chair, barbecue for your garden lounger, garden lounge and much more. We also manufacture made to measure. We produce our custom-made products completely on site in Germany. Please feel free to contact us.

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Customer testimonials



Good morning, In August 2021 we had a cover made by you for our lounge and took our time with an evaluation to experience the cover in practice.Yesterday (16.08.23) we had a heavy thunderstorm in 71131 Jettingen with hailstones the size of golf balls and there is a lot of damage here in town (windows smashed, cars damaged and much more). Your cover, however, held up and protected our lounge perfectly and after 3 years outdoors in all seasons. We are thrilled and glad to have chosen your product. Thank you for such a good job! Attached are photos of our Wettertüte after the storm and in comparison a picture of our cheaper cover for a wooden bench that did not survive the storm.

Greeting S.U.


I recommend the extremely good quality, reliable and friendly service and also the longevity of the bag. I ordered a second one by phone so I can wash the other one after the winter and was impressed how fast and easy it was. Thank you very much dear weather bag team! Recommended. Meike S.



We were first aware of the company Kippert & Willemsen (at that time via Amazon Marketplace) in 2013. The 'Wettertüte' ordered at the time for our lounge group ultimately lasted (except for a color change on the top due to sunlight) longer than the lounge group itself. That was just under eight years!
In 2017, we then ordered a new 'Wettertüte' for a seating group. In the meantime, the fabric has been optimized. The new fabric '2.0' (rather a kind of thin tarpaulin) is now even washable and much lighter than the old one. Unfortunately, we had with this over the years - possibly also by a particularly sharp edges, or by an unfavorable wind situation or even both together - a few problems.
Why I still give a 5 star rating is easily explained: Any complaint was always answered immediately and the problem out of the world! Here nothing is promised, for which one does not stand! That is not self-evident in this day and age and should be appreciated accordingly!



Have the product for a year in use and find it great even visually. We are often asked about it and the name is also really cute



we ordered several protective covers for our patio furniture from you around August 2020. After the stormy autumn, freezing winter and rainy spring is over, I must give you a big compliment. First of all, the covers were made very correctly according to the measurements and today after more than eight months they still look like new and are in top condition. Neither has a seam come undone nor have any cracks appeared.

It was close to my heart to confirm this to you, because good work must also be praised. I wish you continued success and we will always recommend you.

With the best regards

B.W. Berlin



The Wettertüte has arrived and IT FITS EXCELLENT. Thanks to the perfect tailor. Recommend contacting Kettler company to make it a standard accessory.

T.F. from Hamburg



It is our second Wettertüte. If we were already satisfied with the first (purchased in 2014), we are thrilled with this new generation Wettertüte .
We now usually even leave tablecloth and cushions on the table and chairs. Even if after a downpour the water stands on the "Wettertüte", everything remains completely dry underneath. Water push off, Wettertüte take off, the table is ready - fantastic.
Also, the new material seems to hold the color (unlike the old Wettertüte).
We are thrilled and can give a clear buy recommendation!

Patrick P.; Luxembourg



I wanted to check in with an interim status.
The Wettertüte arrived at a perfect time - in the middle of the snow. So I unpacked directly and made a fit test. It fits perfectly and the elastic is a dream! Absolutely waterproof and winterproof.
I was also lucky with the weather and could already test the protection: 5cm snow cover for 1 week and a full day of heavy rain.
=> Wettertüte. Dust dry after the above test and no water at all in the grease tray - not even sweat water!

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So that has to be said!!!
The service with you is simply phenomenal, many other companies could copy what.
I'm so pleased with the company, the material, the quality and the handling with the protective covers is just great and the company with the employees is also just top.
So much praise I can not write in an email purely

Thank you very much again.

With kind regards

Sasha S.



Now that my Wettertüte has completed its first missions with flying colors, I'd like to give some feedback.

My purchase was a direct hit. Accurate fit, super easy to use and with the loops for the table feet simply brilliant!!! And the best thing is - no condensation under the hood. The wooden table stays dry!!!

Kudos for this super product!

Greetings from Magdeburg



Our weather protection bag arrived safely yesterday.

Actually, it is silly to say much about such a functional part as a table cover. But since we were so pleasantly surprised, I'm going to deviate from that for once.
It is surprisingly light in its valuable storage bag, it feels like a noble fabric, the gray looks very classy and last but not least, the custom fit as hoped.
The first dry night is behind it. If now many more, possibly wet, stormy, follow undamaged, we are more than satisfied.
The company Zebra nothing better could happen than to offer your product as a standard accessory.

Thank you for the excellent value of the waterproof and winterproof covers.

With kind regards


The betting bag is a wonderful product . I am thrilled . The workmanship and fit are as high quality as the material. It was the right choice. I will recommend it to others.
Thank you again.


Unpacked the bag, feels really good. Overnight table set covered with cushion and sun shone on it. Uncovered and it smelled really good underneath!!! Not like other covers. Now only the long term test is missing.

Monika Steinert







The best cover I have ever had!!!

I bought a Wettertüte (then measuring 130 x 130 x 75) for my lounge set in December 2013. Now I need a second cover for a new dining table group. After I was so satisfied for years with the waterproof Wettertüte and still am, of course only this comes into question for this!

The advantages (over other covers previously purchased from various vendors that quickly wore out):

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The protective covers arrived safely with us today and all fit perfectly! The quality as well as your service is really first class and absolutely worth the money.

Many thanks for this and

kind regards




With regard to the fireplace cover which I ordered in custom work on October 19, I would like to thank you and the whole team very much. The cover fits perfectly. The quality of the fabric and the precise workmanship are 1A.


For years I was looking for functional covers for my high-quality wooden garden furniture and my noble beam grill. For a short time, I realized that the cheap product I had initially purchased was a bad investment and money wasted. The word "investment" was decisive for me, since I have actually invested in my garden furniture and my grill for the long term, I must logically also provide for their protection in the long term. I have succeeded in this in the best possible way.
The solution was "Wettertuete". Although the covers purchased at the time were a bit more expensive, they defy the usual price-performance ratio in any case.
So if you want to do something good for yourself, this supplier is the right place.
It is worth mentioning that a defect that occurred later was settled in a very uncomplicated, friendly and factual manner. The Wettertueten team does an excellent and customer-friendly job.



The sleeve makes a much more finished impression than anything I've looked at here so far. My son was impressed with the quality and immediately ordered a Wettertüte as well.
Now I'm waiting for the first storm and rain to test the weather resistance.



Had previously a cover of a discounter, which has not even survived the first winter. This one has its price, but the
Money is m.E. very well invested. The case is totally well thought out and makes a very high-quality impression.


the tarpaulin arrived after a short time well packed with us. we had first tried it with an aldi product for 20 euros. since the wind is quite strong with us, the aldi tarpaulin was already broken after a few weeks.

this product has now been in use for a few windy winter months and i am absolutely convinced of it. even though the price makes you really take a breath at first, i don't regret buying it.

hope the plan will remain with us for many years to come.



Best quality, much better than some other protective cover. We can recommend the article without reservation - a 1a purchase for indoors and outdoors.



I am thrilled Not only by the quick response to my question and the super fast delivery, but still most of the product itself. Compared to my old cover, which cost almost twice as much, was very heavy, yet constantly flew off during storms and had verdigris and cracks after a year, this Wettertüte seems perfect.



It has been 3 months since it protects our garden table, and it works just great, in spite of rain and the wind.



I took my time to give an assessment here, why?
One (s) can indeed give a short-term assessment when it comes to the appearance, the handling, the "touch feeling", but as for the real long-term suitability - well, you should also let the time work.
And by time I mean the WEATHER and the sun at Wettertüte !
I have already tested many bags, tarps, original covers for our stainless steel gas grill and this rather involuntarily.
Below almost all it sweats underneath - and with it comes halt also the rust and mold - ew!

And now today, after the fall and winter with ice and snow, rain, storm and plenty of sun on it, I took off the cover.
And lo and behold, the advertising was right - thank you! Everything dry, no traces of mold, etc. Tarpaulin stable, no cracks, Velcro still like new, Fabe not faded ...

Oh, the handling: fits, can be well tighten with the Velcro straps, soft inner layer does not flake in the wind ...

ergo: Unreservedly recommended!


The hood fits very well.
However, it is a bit stiff. The seams on the sides form webs in which the water remains.
How it looks underneath I have not yet looked.
Let's see if the garden table survives the winter without damage.

Update: The table has remained completely dry.
so all good and one star to it :-)



I was tired of buying a new cover for my garden table 2 times a year.
Last year only the last cost me 40 € and that was also the last crap.
This makes already material her a super impression.
The lashing straps on the corners are great to attach the cover to the leg of the table or to a chair, much better than the general drawstring.
Let's see how it is next year I'll let you know if it's bad!!!

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