Charging Station Cover, Wallbox Cover, Hypercharger Cover

Generally, charging columns for e-cars, or other electric vehicles are weatherproof. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for a waterproof cover. Verdigris, bird droppings, permanent UV radiation or simply an inconspicuous lamination of the charging stations. Since there are many wallboxes for different applications, we only custom make the charging station cover. All custom-made products are 100% waterproof and breathable at the same time. The seams are also ultrasonically welded and are also waterproof. We have ready-made CAD plans from manufacturers such as Alfen, Mennekes or Hypercharger from Alpitronic. For common models such as Compleo, QC 45, Terra 53, Alfen Double PG, HV 160, Terra 175 etc. are also already available cuts.

Currently, we offer the covers in black, medium gray, light gray, sand and green.

You can find information about our made-to-measure products here.

If you are a manufacturer of charging stations and would like to include a special charging station cover in your range, you are also welcome to contact us. For larger quantities we grant discounts and also an own branding or a neutral production would be possible. Of course, covers for parking ticket machines, protective covers for power boxes, pay stations, turnstiles, etc. are also possible.