Custom made from wettertuete

Air conditioner cover

Air conditioner cover

Air conditioner cover protects the air conditioner

Depending on the manufacturer and installation of the outdoor air conditioner, the connections for the air conditioner are not always in the same place. For this reason, we have created an extra sketch template especially for air conditioners. Here you can specify the exact position of the connections and we will take this into account accordingly during production. The protective cover protects the sensitive fins and the unit from external influences, especially in winter. Verdigris, swirling sticks and leaves can not harm the outdoor unit.

We manufacture the air conditioner covers exclusively made to measure in our sewing shop in Germany. Here you can download the sketch template:

Download Air Conditioner Cover Sketch Template


Covers for medical equipment (ultrasound equipment, etc.)

Just writing the entry for the air conditioning covers, a request came in for a cover for an ultrasonic unit. Our fabric is also
and for indoor use we can also offer the covers in light gray. Our protective covers are also well suited for other medical equipment.