Custom made cover for medical equipment such as ultrasound equipment.

Customized covers for medical devices

Medical equipment covers: protection and hygiene for your investments

Medical equipment such as ultrasound machines and X-ray machines are expensive investments that should have a long service life. One way to extend their life and protect them from damage is to use cover hoods. Cover hoods not only protect medical equipment from dust and dirt, but also from scratches and damage. In addition, they can also help improve hygiene by preventing the entry of germs and bacteria.

How cover hoods protect medical equipment?

We tailor our medical device covers in our sewing shop in western Münsterland. They are made of durable materials such as polyester or polyurethane, which are resistant to impacts and scratches. Our covers are also waterproof and breathable. We have the right fabric in stock for every application or can get it from our suppliers at short notice. Some time ago, for example, we once made a cut-resistant cover from Kevlar fabric.

Our cover hoods also provide protection against dust, dirt and other external influences that can affect the sensitive components of medical equipment. Especially in dusty or dirty environments, such as workshops or warehouses, cover hoods can help extend the life of medical devices.

How hoods improve hygiene

Cover hoods can also help improve the hygiene of medical equipment. They prevent the entry of germs and bacteria that can be present in many medical environments. By using cover hoods, hospitals and medical facilities can ensure that their equipment remains clean and hygienic at all times.

In addition, protective covers can also help to reduce the cleaning time of your medical equipment. Instead of cleaning the entire device, only the protective cover needs to be cleaned. This saves time and reduces the risk of damage to the delicate components of the medical equipment. Our "main fabric", which we use the most because of its lightness and durability, is made of polyester with polyurethanecoating. This is even washable at up to 90°C.


Cover hoods are an important part of the protective equipment for medical devices such as ultrasound equipment and X-ray machines. They provide protection against dust, dirt and damage, extend the life of equipment and improve hygiene in medical environments. We are looking forward to your inquiry